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Use Paper, Paper is Recyclable, Bio-Degradable and Sustainable | Use Paper, Paper is Recyclable, Bio-Degradable and Sustainable | Use Paper, Paper is Recyclable, Bio-Degradable and Sustainable. | Use Paper, Paper is Recyclable, Bio-Degradable and Sustainable.


Soon enough, expansions were in place and the business grew multifold. Late Shri Shiv Prasadji Mangal carried out forward integration even before the term was coined, by setting foot in the manufacturing industry, starting with exercise notebooks.
Regional expansions were carried out by opening an office in Ajmer.
Regional expansions were carried out by opening an office in the capital city of Rajasthan – Jaipur.
It was then time to move outside Rajasthan and venture into other cities. Spearheaded by Shri Kamal Kishor Mangal, an office in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, was established. This opened a lot of doors for the company and marked an era for the future growth of the company.
The agencies of paper mills – Dutta, Saraf and Satia were taken and the foundations for a prosperous paper distribution network in Gujarat were laid.
Shri Girdhar Gopal Mangal Joined the business under the guidance of his father and  the business acumen of his brother.
The firm was awarded distributorship of Shreyans and Kuantum (ABC) paper mill to cater the increasing market demand.
The group became authorised distributor of Trident group (Abhishekh) for the region of Gujarat.
The group acquired dealership of Hindustan Paper Corporation Limited (HPCL) to cater the needs of notebook industry.
It was then, that Shri Kamal Mangal took a step towards bettering the society and giving back to the community. He opened a school, Anand Niketan in Shilaj with provision of quality education as his vision.
Mangal Papers Pvt Ltd was formally incorporated in 2001.
The firm came up with the distributorship of A.P. Paper Mill aiming at the export markets of Notebook industry.
Expansions were in full swing. Shri Ankit Mangal started Lapis Lazuli – a furniture showroom in a prime location on SG highway.
As a part of his vision to provide quality education to children, Shri Kamal Mangal opened another branch of Anand Niketan School in Satellite, Ahmedabad.
The company entered into the copier sector and went on achieving comprehensive deals.
MPPL procured the dealership of its first wood based manufacturer of Paper – Andhra Paper Mill, Which is now acquired by the worlds biggest paper manufacturing group – International Paper.
The group obtained in the dealership of the prestigious Ballarpur Industries Limited.
The firm crossed the milestone of 100 Crore revenue.
Shri Aniket Mangal joined the business under the guidance and support of his father and expanded into packaging boards by acquiring the dealership of Century Pulp and Paper.
Group expanded its activities by procuring the dealership of NR Agarwal Industries limited.
The group is thriving and striving to achieve every possible success there is, keeping at heart the best interests of the society. A group of driven, enthusiastic and passionate individuals – Mangal Group believes in charging forward with the love for paper and a passion for business.